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Powered UP Systems utilizes a few training options and online services to achieve a client’s desired health and fitness goals. Below you will find a “simple” breakdown to help us get started and personalize a plan that is right for you!

Coached Virtual Personal Training

This is 1-on-1 training and I will coach you through each of your sessions to encourage and assure you’re performing them at your best. The “action plan” including diet and exercise is designed to achieve your goals quickly while being sustainable for continuous, healthy improvements.

Planned Virtual Personal Training

Planned Virtual Personal Training is great for the self-motivated that want structure and accountability. This package includes an effective weekly training plan, along with diet coaching and assessment appointments (as desired) for consistent, continuous results.

Virtual Small Group Training

Coached Virtual Small Group Training is similar to Coached Virtual Personal Training, except that others may join in on a session and that the workouts are designed for multiple clients of various fitness levels to participate. These sessions are also firmly scheduled throughout the week.

Personalized Diet Coaching

Diet Coaching involves the results of an assessment to identify what your body needs and creating a plan around your schedule with healthy foods that you like, can, and will eat. We  personalize and design something that will help you achieve your goals, improve your health, and give you lots of energy. In the process, you learn how your body reacts and how we make adjustments for improvements.

Done-For-You Templates

These are typically challenges that we’ve created and come complete with every recipe, weekly meal plan templates and corresponding weekly shopping list. Additionally, our challenges include lots of material to explain what and why we have designed them a certain way to help you understand and continue using this information long after the challenge is over for a transformation that lasts a lifetime.

Body Composition Assessments

These meetings involve obtaining a variety of measurements to identify how your body is reacting to our diet and exercise “Action Plan”. We’ll be using your weight along with a combination of measurements to determine your body composition. As this changes, we can make adjustments to the plan for continuous improvements and never be caught or surprised that something isn’t working.

Happy Clients

What kept David going to lose 57 pounds, drop his medications and regain his health?

Check out some of our female clients that also achieved inspiring transformations!

Listen to Mike’s story and how a vacation goal turned his entire health and fitness around!

My Big Bold Promise To You!

Let me take the “complicated” and “temporary” out of your Weight Loss Success Formula.

We are going to establish an action plan that is easy to follow, crystal clear, and fun – especially as you begin seeing the results accumulate in your life.
Being a Transformation and Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, we take all aspects into designing a program for you that achieves quick results but also improves your long-term healthy goals.
As long as you have a strong inner desire to achieve something, I can forge a successful path and lead you there!
YOUR Success is MY Passion!


Weekly trainer tips, tricks, and scientifically proven methods to help you look, move, and feel younger again!
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