Phase 1 of THE MELTDOWN Transformation System

This post is regarding my 28-Day INTENSIVE program, which is the initial phase related to the entirety of THE MELTDOWN Transformation System.



This initial phase of the program is definitely weight-loss-focused. However, we are actually identifying and setting the groundwork concepts, habits, understanding, and systems that will make later phases that much more effective.

To provide a bit more detail into what THE INTENSIVE is about, clients who join this phase appreciate

  • individualized diet coaching according to their goals, food preferences, and schedule.
  • We work on personalized training according to their abilities, schedule, and goals.
  • Delving deeper into thoughts/patterns that may have been a roadblock to their success in the past.


Dialing into your nutrition simply means that we will be personalizing a plan of what you eat and when you eat it.

My goal is to help you identify what healthy meals look like for you, your body, your schedule, your goals, and your taste. We will explore meal planning and prepping techniques to help you become consistent and gauge your diet in accordance with your goals and results. We will go as detailed as we need to turn your nutrition, its values, and your results into one vision.


Clients at this phase progress through several movements for effectiveness and to identify their possible pain points and why they exist. Once we’ve identified and assured your movements are safe, effective, and pain-free – we’ll design routines that flow with your schedule, abilities, preferences, and goals.

We will take advantage of whatever time is available. For instance:

  • 10-minute shoulder mobility on Monday
  • a 30-minute CORE workout on Wednesday
  • a 15-minute Cardio routine on Thursday
  • And a 20-minute full-body workout on Saturday? 

We will find ways to move your body, with professionally designed routines for you, the way you like to do them, as effective as possible, with your fitness level in mind, and to get the best results as soon as possible.


We’re going to work on those. Nice and slow.
During this phase, I want to encourage a healthy mindset through a better understanding. These will turn into steady, healthy routines. Reinforcing these routines will allow us to set goals and ensure we hit them every time!


This program’s phase is named INTENSIVE because it’s a bit of work, but it is not time-consuming. You will be involved. We will have several meetings getting started. However, my goal is to create something that becomes a natural flow for you.

If this sounds like it would be helpful to you – I know that you can reclaim your health, your weight, your fitness, your movement, and overall quality of life through this phase – then please reach out to me through the link below.

We are simply scheduling a conversation.
I want to get to know you and answer any questions you may have. It is by no means a sales call! I cannot emphasize that enough. If anything, consider a pre-application process – for you and for me.
If you would like to end the battle with your weight or reclaim your health and get off your medications, and just feel whole again – able to sleep, breathe, move, and do whatever you want – schedule that conversation.

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Let’s get your info

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