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Weight Loss Challenges/Nutrition Programs

6-Week Challenges

The Little Black Dress Challenge

The Original Little Black Dress Challenge is a comprehensive 6-Week Weight Loss Challenge that guides you through the entire journey and explains precisely what you'll be eating and why. As an upgrade and for a discounted price, you can include any of our training programs. Our goal upon completion is to get you to a celebration rocking YOUR Little Black Dress.

The MELTDOWN Challenge

Coming Soon!

Other Challenges

21-Day Ketogenic Challenge

Coming soon!

28-Day Total-Body Transformation Challenge

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30-Day Plant Based Program

Adopting a plant–based diet (even if it’s just for a few weeks) can be a life-changing experience, as well as an amazing move for your health. This program has been carefully crafted and is LOADED with antioxidants and nutrients that will help your body THRIVE.  After just a few days, you’ll notice your energy levels improve, your brain fog will begin to disappear, and your skin and hair will begin to have a radiant glow! You will also start to eliminate excess wastes and toxins, helping to restore balance throughout your body. Many celebrities, bodybuilders, endurance athletes, and people around the world have embraced this way of eating … not only for its health-boosting benefits but because it’s also great for our planet. It doesn’t matter if you’re just testing out the waters of a plant-based diet, or if you’ve been eating this way for years, you are in for an amazing 30 days! 


Nutrition & Diet Related Guides

Crush Your Cravings Guide (with Recipes)

Are you ready to finally squash one of your healthy lifestyle’s toughest enemies? I’m talking about FOOD CRAVINGS. Learn to finally control your cravings and the secrets to saying "no". Kickstart your healthy body now!

Easy 1-Dish Dinner Recipe Guide

Would you like twelve HEALTHY & DELICIOUS 1-Dish Meals that you can make in 20-minutes or less? Everything in just one pan! I've included dishes such as Yummy Fajita Bowls, Scrumptious Veggie Lasagna, Delicious Stews and Curries, Veggie Scrambles, and more!

Protein-Packed Breakfast Recipe Guide

Are you still trying to decode a healthy breakfast? Get our Protein-Packed Breakfasts Recipe Guide! Capture the benefits of a healthy breakfast - such as helping your body repair and build muscle, releasing the right hormones for fat loss, improve blood sugar control for hours, boost calorie burn, and stop nighttime cravings!

Gut Health Guide & Recipe Manual

In today's world, your immune system is of utmost importance. There are relatively easy ways that we can improve this and we will also help you understand what can cause a gut imbalance. So that you can maximize your gut health and drastically improve your health and the results from any healthy activities.

Self-Improvement Guides

The Ultimate Habit Checklist & Mini Guide

Develop SUCCESSFUL Habits That Get You Results! Use our Strategies, Worksheets, and Routines To Forge Bulletproof Discipline! Learn how to develop your ultimate goal set! Learning the secrets to using SMART goals effectively and anchoring an outcome by finding your WHY. Get back on track quickly when you slip up and understand YOUR reward system to WIN the day!

Breakthrough Your Plateau Guide

Are you sick and tired of not being able to Break THROUGH fitness plateaus? Well, this guide will definitely help you to SMASH any plateaus that might be holding you back! I've designed it to help you determine if you’re actually in a plateau, to de-construct your obstacles, obliterate any roadblock - permanently, maintain your progress trajectory, and eliminate "REGRESSION PATTERNS" for good!

Goal Setting & Fresh Start Workbook

Ready to close the 2020 CHAOS CHAPTER and CRUSH some BIG goals in 2021? We can do that! Let's shed the 2020 baggage and dial in your fresh 2021 vision. Lose the weight you want and make 2021 your best year ever!

Unplug - 24 Techniques to Beat Stress

Coming Soon!

Metabolic Jumpstart Challenge

This 5-Day At-Home Challenge is designed to seriously boost your metabolism, improve your energy levels & body composition. You get daily coaching to show and explain exactly what and HOW to fire up your metabolism, action items and worksheets to help keep you focused and on-track, (repeatable) metabolic boosting BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED workouts, metabolic boosting recipes, and beyond, and so much more!

Stronger To The CORE Challenge

Are you trying to build a stronger core? Join us for The 5-Day Stronger Core Challenge! Wondering what the benefits of core training include? How about improved memory, boosted mood, greater spinal support and pain reduction, a flatter, toned tummy, and more!

You 2.0 Your Guide to Excellent Self-Care

Coming Soon!


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