YOUR Success is MY Passion!

Mark began helping people achieve their weightloss goals in 2006 as a part of a small group ministry that he and his wife created called Powered UP - Transformers. During their 12-week and later 16-week course, they taught in weekly sessions on the understanding that our bodies are very important creations. Nutrition and its affects in the body as well as effective physical training methods were included in the curriculum to create a well-rounded healthy lifestyle small group package. The success from these groups were so encouraging that they officially incorporated Powered UP Systems, Inc. in 2009, to help more people achieve and live healthy, able, and fulfilled lives.

Mark has been actively involved in the weightlifting and the bodybuilding industry for over 3 decades, and has seen many things come and go. This experience has provided firsthand insight into what is actually important and effective. All clients can look forward to safe, efficient, and effective training and diet coaching with their longterm health in mind as they continue to achieve fitness goals, according to the individual's purpose.

With Powered UP Systems you won't experience distracted trainers, dangerous, ineffective, and time-wasting movements. Their highest priority is you and your success, which leads the their motto, which originates all the way back to their small group ministry days, and still stands today - YOUR Success is MY Passion!

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A Success Session is the beginning to all successful goal-oriented Powered UP Programs. We take individual time to identify your starting point, identify meaningful short and long-term goals, develop healthy routines into your schedule and take assessments that will start your programming off on the right foot.

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